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Three socioeconomic areas were considered according to income, from the wealthiest (area 1) to the poorest (area 3).

We also considered three regions: country-wide (27 Brazilian States and 558 Brazilian micro-regions), state-wide (645 counties of SP State), and city-wide (96 districts of SP city).

Her mum (Lesley Kaye Brydon) gave birth to Kelly in February of 1981, making the relevant time for her to have met Kelly's father around May of 1980. It's possible that Kelly's dad is named Bill and owned a pub in either the Gunnedah or Manilla areas.

He perhaps was living in a caravan park in the area.

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Summary: The Marcel Breuer papers span the years 1920 to 1986 and measure 37.6 linear feet.My mothers name is Susan, she was seeing him for a month before he left to travel shearing sheep and then was returning home to New Zealand.My mother found out 6 weeks later that she was pregnant and had no way to contact him.He left Harvard in 1946 and established an architectural office in New York City. Founded and directed by Walter Gropius, the Bauhaus combined the teaching of the pure arts with training in functional technology.His reputation was enhanced in 1953, when he was commissioned to participate in the design of the U. Breuer received a master's degree from the Bauhaus in 1924, then studied architecture in Paris, where he first met Le Corbusier.

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