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"When I was 12, I used to go to my mother's parties and check everyone in," said Carly, 28, who had been a freelancer for the firm.With annual earnings between million and million, the company plans to expand to the European market when the time seems right, Ms.She now heads Carly Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc.

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“I could have [anyone] I wanted,” says [Dan] Rochkind, now 40 and an Upper West Sider with a muscular build and a full head of hair. I’m sure that all these models went out with the average looking schlub for his sterling personality and not for his investment banker pay check, though, right? I wish these two kids a lot of luck, because they both seem insufferable.

“I met some nice people, but realistically I went for the hottest girl you could find.”He spent the better part of his 30s going on up to three dates a week, courting 20-something blond models, but eventually realized that dating the prettiest young things had its drawbacks — he found them flighty, selfish and vapid. Looking to avoid such a fate, Rochkind started dating a woman who isn’t a bikini model, Carly Spindel, in January 2015. The two met after Spindel’s mother, matchmaker Janis Spindel, scouted Rochkind at a gym.“I gave him my card and said I have the perfect girl for him,” recalls Janis, founder of Serious Matchmaking, based in Midtown. “From my personal experience, people who are better looking are less likely to pursue advanced degrees, or play an instrument or learn other languages,” says Benedict Beckeld, a 37-year-old Brooklyn writer with a doctorate in philosophy and the body of an Adonis.

The fact that he – in his own words “went for the hottest girl he could find” is not a reflection on his character whatsoever. I used to read Carly’s dating blog when she had one a few years back.

Bevor du am Morgen zur Arbeit gehst, gib deinem Partner einen liebevollen Abschiedskuss und sag ihm, dass du ihn liebst.

Wenn du nach einem langen Tag nach kommst, tu es wieder.

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