Dating 2 girls in persona 4

Didn't spoil myself in the slightest while playing, and I've never completed a JRPG before.

I'll forever wish I could experience this game again like I just did.

She loves Junes, in both its slogan and in visiting their Inaba branch with her family and friends.The most extreme case of this can be seen in this video, where the player is confronted by the 8 women he ignored on Valentine's Day.This has no bearing on the plot or your Social Links in that playthrough and you'll still keep the chocolate from the girl you chose to spend time with on Valentine's Day, as mentioned by a couple people in this thread: Are you saying that they take the Christmas gift away?Because unless they do, that thread is incorrect and the author has the gifts mixed up, which is pretty common.The Christmas date gift is faster rank up during next playthrough, the Valentine's date gift is a restorative item (chocolate), and the final day gifts (from maxed confidants) let you unlock confidant perks from those characters earlier.

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    Let’s set the record straight: Flight attendants are not floozies (well, maybe a few are).