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Then, in October, the 28-year-old scion overdosed in the apartment of a transsexual prostitute.

In Turin, Mark Seal answers the billion-lira question: Why? on Monday, October 10, a hysterical voice screaming, “Fast! At my house there is an important person that’s feeling bad!

Elkann, who is an heir to the Fiat fortune and is an entrepreneur in his own right, is seen as one of the most eligible bachelors in Europe, often showing up in sexiest and best-dressed lists. The Italian Bombshell Uncovered Shermine Shahrivar was born in Iran but moved to Aachen, Germany when she was very young.

She is a German citizen who reportedly speaks four different languages and has studied social science as well as acting.

Ninety percent of my social life is due to work," says designer Lapo Elkann whose cropped haircut and natty attire seem to pepper websites and magazines—as well as his whirlwind Instagram feed—24/7.

In just two years he had achieved the impossible: transforming the stodgy and financially troubled auto brand into an exciting new line.

An anomaly in the notoriously private, 163-member Agnelli family, Lapo had become the rock star of Italian business, and journalists and paparazzi dogged his every move, from his storybook romance with Italy’s No.

Elkann also recently launched a made-to-measure capsule collection with Gucci.

"I like to play, but I work my ass off," he says, addressing his Brussels-today-Miami-tomorrow schedule.

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