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I've noticed a curious trend emerging among my peers: It seems that while many Millennials are eschewing relationships all together, opting instead for no-strings-attached hookups, a small but increasing number are finding ourselves in some sort of long-distance limbo. It's not that long-distance relationships have suddenly become more appealing (UPDATE: they still suck). Trust me, I'm in one and, if you're a Millennial, there's an increasing likelihood you are (or will be) too.Instead, Hayes walked into the bathroom and shot Moseley 10 to 12 times while she was taking a bath. Insiders say Mayweather hasn’t gone into detail about how much he saw, but confirmed he was a witness and heard everything.When police arrived on the scene, they heard one more shot. Hayes was a member of Floyd Mayweather’s lifestyle brand called the Money team, and was at one time signed to Mayweather’s record label.Drinking, Memes, and Okay: When ur bestie looks at you from across the bar after day drinking since am asking if it's okay that she leaves to hook up with the guy that she just met 27 minutes ago. (@bigkidproblems) Be Like, Deep Throat, and Dope: Hoes be like "l can count how many niggas i've fucked with one hand" I advise you not to ask a girl her body count.

I may seem scary on the outside, but I'm a nice shark, so feel free to talk! We are influenced by terms that are not even real words Such as Baddie Thot Swag Icy We look up to celebrities who are addicted to fame, drugs and money They taught us quotes such as "Yolo" and "Turn down for what Lyrics have become angrier, raunchier, and discriminating Is this really role model criteria All I see in high school is a bunch of people who hate each other pretending to be friends It is no longer a place to learn Instead it's all about Passing Failing Appearances And who you surround yourself with High school is hell A girl cries People laugh She thought she could trust him Now the whole school has seen her naked. IF ZOMBIES CAME TOMORROW AND KILLED OFF THE SLOWEST, DUMBEST PEOPLE. THEREFORE, IF YOU KILL A SPIDER, YOU MOST LIKELY JUST KILLED THE DUMBEST ONE IN YOUR HOUSE, WHICH ALLOWS THE SMARTER ONES HIDING IN THE SHADOWS TO HOOK UP AND MAKE LOTS OF BABY SPIDER GENIUSES. On the cusp of adulthood, the majority of today's high school graduates leave home for college, where we build relationships - romantic or otherwise - with our peers from unfamiliar places.As upperclassmen, an increasing number "take breaks" from college boyfriends or girlfriends to study abroad.When abroad, we Face Time regularly with our college sweethearts while falling for the foreigner who also has a smartphone, so, years later, we still sometimes play virtual catch-up over Facebook, Skype or Whats App.While these college years are far from romantically or geographically stagnant, our relationships and transience really kick into high-gear after graduation, at which point many of us boast of social networks that already span states and continents.

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