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It will, I trust, be followed some day by a third (already planned and partly written), in which the relations of Zeus to other phaenomena — Clouds and Rain, Wind and Dew, Earthquakes and Meteorites — will find their appropriate place. I shall hope to conclude at long last with a general survey of the Sky-god and his cult as constituting one factor in the great fabric of Greek civilisation, indeed as in some sense a contribution to Christianity itself. Faaturaa of thia copy which may Im bibliographically uniqua, wliich may altar any of tha imagaa in tha raproduction, or which may aignificantly changa tha uaual mathod of filming, ara chaclcad balow. 14) as to the motives of ** See the preamble of Charles's Sforza. His honor lost, he would lose his life, nor stay longer in the world amidst confusions and disputes.*'^ Further argument only inflamed him, and Panigarola wisely desisted. Its sincerity was unquestionable, for in the policy of Corvinus there was no crookedness or ambiguity. Canadian Inttituta for Historical l\/licroreproductions / Inttitut Canadian da microraproductions liistoriquas Technical and Bibliographic Notaa/Notas tachniquaa at bibliographiquaa Tlia Inatituta haa attamptad to obtain tha baat original copy availabia for filming. If defeated, he hoped to die honorably on the field of battle ; for were he so unfortunate as to survive, rather than continue to live he would throw himself into a well. A remonstrance similar in substance, but expressed with a bluntness altogether foreign to the tone of Italian diplomacy, was addressed to Charles, about the same time, by the king of Hungary. Plowman 259 Number 10 (December 30, 1977) De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes XVIII by Richard Evans Schultes, Bo Hoimstedt, Jan-Erik Lindgren and Laurent Rivier 273 Brunfelsia in Ethnomedicine by Timothy Plowman .. Coughlin 217 Number 8 (October 30, 1977) Study of Pre-ceramic Maize from Huarmey, North Central Coast of Peru by Alexander Grobman, Duccio Bonavia and David H. Mangelsdorf and Julian Camara-Hlrnandez 221 Number 9 (November 30, 1977) A New Infrageneric Classification of Hevea by Richard Evans Schultes 243 De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes XVII by Richard Evans Schultes, Tony Swain and Timothy C. I — I Coloured pagea/ D Pagea da coulaur Pagea damaged/ Pagea endommagtea Pagea raatorad and/oi Pagea reataurtea at/ou pellicul Aea Pagea diacolourad, atained or foxe^ 1 I BSBii OTHSCA V \^tas\^^^ Kiitcrcfl, aceordiug to Act of Coi)^ at the court of Burgundy, which would take the measure of this far-blazing meteor and calculate its course. A defensive league was accordingly formed, the two parties to assist each other in case of necessity with a certain number of lances or a certain amount of money. From your own case, and from ours, and from that of our allies, you might have com- prehended the craft of that man, who is always plan- ning to tie a bell, as the saying is, round the neck of those whom he fears, so thai they may never be able to move their heads without a premonitory sound.

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s 122 curare plant 1 12 curare plant, Barasana 113,114 curry 206 DATURA alba 171 vulcanicola 154 DESFONTAINIA spinosa 99,102 var.

fishweir deposit 1 Fossil Taxodiaceae 2,3 Model of mineralization of wood with silica 7 Scanning electron micrographs of Sequoia sempervirens 5 Silica replicated of Sequoia sempervirens (figs.

289 I vi INDEX OF ILLUSTRATIONS PLATE Acampe praemorsa (Thalia Maravara) 8 Acampe rigida (The Rigid Air-Blossom) 9,10,1 1,12 Algal mat, silicified from Persian Gulf 3 Anadenanthera peregrina, pods and beans of 62 Barbasco, Kamarata fishing with 13 Brugmansia vulcanicola 21,22,23 Brunfelsia americana 68 Brunfelsia grandiflora 65,66 Brunfelsia Mire 67 Brunfelsia uniflora 64 Caesalpinia sepiaria 25 Calatola columbiana 20 Cannabis Plant near India-Tibet border 41 Sun-dried plants 42 A shop which sells bhang balls 43 Mountain man chewing and smoking bhang 44 Corn cobs From level 5 45 Leaf and tassels from level 4 48,49,50 Stalks and roots from level 3 46,47 Desfontainia spinosa 15,16 Eriopsis sceptrum 18 Gordonia lasianthus, scanning electron micrographs of wood of 4,5,6 Hevea Map of range and natural distribution 53,54 Pistillate flowers of nine known species 52 Hevea macrophylla 51 Hill, Albert Frederick, photograph of 14 Hyoscyamus niger 24 Manaca root, first description and illustration of 63 Map of area inhabitated by Witotos, Boras and Muinanes 55 Nealchornea japurensis 19 Peucedanum japonica 26 [vii] Phytolacca acinosa 27 Quararibea funebris Flowers 28,31,38 Tree 29 Distribution map 30 Drying of the flowers 32 Marketing of beverage "tejate" 33 Preparation of ' 'tejate' * 34,35,36 Bowl of fresh "tejate" 37 Old reproduction of plant 39 Fruits and seeds 40 Trichocline reptans 17 Virola paste, preparation of 56,57,58,59,60 Wood Fossil oak from Boston, Mass.

Renschiana 61 penangiana 61 Renschiana 61 rigida 60 AER1DES rigida 60 AGARICUS bisporus 134 cothurnata 142 muse aria 131,141 pantherina 131 use and preparation of 143 ANADENANTHERA colubrina 273 peregrina 273 ANDONTOCARYA tripetala 113 ANGURIA umbras a 126 ANOMOSPERUM reticulatum 1 13 ANTHODISCUS obovatus 1 19 per nanus 1 19 ayahuasca 301 azucena 309 baeocystin 139 BANISTERIOPSIS Caapi 275 Cabrerana 1 16 barbasco 71 barbasco de raiz 71 barbasco legitimo 71 151,154 BEFARIA congesta 123 resinosa 123 bhang balls 207 bhang beverages 206 bhang chewing 208 bhang pakoras 207 bhang paranthas 207 bhang smoke 208 biodynamic plants 109 borrachera 301 borrachera de paramo 100 borrachero 151 BRUGMANSIA insignis 124 vulcanicola BRUNFELSIA americana 310 chiricaspi 305 grandiflora 298 guianensis 309 Hope ana 290 hydrangeiformis 298 M//v 297 A7/7/Wr/ 310 Tastevinii 301 Mwytora 289 brunfelsine 295 cacahoaxochitl 184 CAESALPINA sepia ria 167 CALATOLA columbiana 1 18 CALYCOPHYLLUM Spruceanum 125 cangamba 290 CANNABIS folklore 203 sativa 170 smoking of 206 uses 204 uses as a narcotic 205 CAYAPONIA ophthalmica 126 racemosa cebil 274 chapico 99 126 [ix] chawm-aat 1 13 Chinese herbals 161 CLIBADIUM asperum 11 COMBRETUM Cacoucia 123 coprolites, chemical tests for 217 coro 105 CORYNOSTYLIS voluhili.

1-3) 3 Yopo snuff, paraphernalia for preparing and taking 61 [ viii 1 INDEX ABUTA Imene 112 splcndida 112 yaupesensis 1 13 ACACIA Niopo 274 ACAMPE intermedia 60 longifolia 49,60 madagascariensis 6 1 mombasensis 61 m id t (flora 60 n\ ass ana 61 pachyglossa 60 55/7.

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