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There's the quality of the lens optics to consider, while the sensor plays a key part as well – and it's not just about the number pixels on the sensor, with the physical size of the sensor playing a part too.The larger the sensor, the larger the pixels (or photosites, as they're properly called) can be, which in turn increases the sensor's light-gathering capabilities, allowing the camera to deliver images that have less image noise (that grainy look you can often get in smartphone shots taken in poor light) and retain more detail.For me the whole novelty of the new view is that immersion, otherwise I'd play 3rd person because you miss a lot of the more impressive lighting and environmental effects when you're only looking at the road ahead of you.I'm not sure I'd have committed to a full first person run of the game if the driving had been handled the same as it was in previous GTAs.I play GTA Online and for the sake of competitiveness and playing well, I use 3'rd person on foot, hood cam in the car.

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So will the V30 deliver the best image quality we've seen from a flagship smartphone, at least in poor light? You'd always want the fastest lens available to provide that extra bit of flexibility, but the maximum aperture of the lens is only part of the story when it comes to outright image quality.

"It has really contributed to the engagement we’ve had, which has been tremendous,” he says.

It's important to the company, Balaresque says, to signal to customers that its product isn’t simply a drone capable of carrying a camera to new heights (in this case a maximum of about 50 feet) but “to emphasize the fact that we are building a camera that happens to be flying.

A good example of this last factor is when you compare the Samsung Galaxy S8's 1/2.5-inch sensor to the slightly smaller 1/3.0-inch sensor on the i Phone 7 Plus, with the Galaxy S8 just edging the 7 Plus for image quality in our tests.

So while it's certainly great to see LG pushing its optics even further, until we know more about the size of the sensor and resolution the V30 will feature we'll have to reserve judgement.

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