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We look forward to seeing you & remember you're only a stranger for about 10 minutes, then you're one of us! Club XTC is a new lifestyle club located in San Bernardino area.We feature a dancefloor, group rooms, shower, bathrooms, stripper pole, stage and more. parties in Los Angeles Orange County and Inland Empire Our Parties are Long Lasting parties...The Play Suite has multiple beds; a double sided St. We host Saturday nites 8pm-2am & also Sunday afternoons from noon-6pm with a BBQ.Andrews Cross; a multi-positional sex Horse; a sex Swing and more! Come enjoy our pool, spa, playrooms, cabanas, fetish room, & more.Grand Terrace is a city in San Bernardino County, California, United States.

Call for all the information Tuesday-Sunday after 10am @ 1-951-681-0991 or 1-951-360-6156 & to reserve.

Start your trip with a visit to one of the most iconic spans in the world.

With towers soaring 746 feet/227 meters into the sky, its span arcing across the mouth of San Francisco Bay, and all of it painted fire-engine red, the Golden Gate Bridge makes a dramatic destination, and a great way to...

According to the Riverside Press, in 1876, there were nine buildings in the Terrace-Colton area.

Originally, the area was simply referred to as "the Terrace," but the word "Grand," was added around 1898 due to the beautiful views which surround the city.

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