Stop ipod from updating

Just to be sure you realize an app has updated, the App Store will display a notification in Notification Center listing any updated apps. While this sounds like a great idea to ensure your apps are always up-to-date and full of the latest features, there are some downsides.Most notably, sometimes app updates break features we've come to know, love, and depend on.This can become a minor annoyance if you sync your i Pod and see it identified as the previous owner.

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just type the following command in the command prompt Replace the names of “my-release-key” and “alias_name” with the names of your choice. This means if somebody modifies your APK and attempts to trick users into thinking it is a new update, a simple key verification can show this is not a legitimate update and then Android actually blocks the update entirely.A window will be prompted to enter a username and password fill those and follow the next step. Now copy the application you want to sign and paste it to the folder which you found keytool. Open the apk with any zip viewer as an archive (apps like 7zip). After deleting the folder copy the APK to the folder containing jarsigner too if you want for ease of use. To re-sign your apk, type the command as Replace the names “my-release-key”, “my_application” and “alias_name” with the details of your own application. Enter the password and you will see the file has been signed. Once, the above process is done copy the apk file to your device and install it. This is a security feature we have modified to use it for our benefits.To check if the work is done or not go to Google Play Store and open the app and you will be able to see that the Google Play Store is not detecting the update. With it turned off you'll need to launch the App Store to check for and download any updates.If you acquired a used i Pod for use with your business, the previous user may have neglected to clear his settings.

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