Updating bios file not found h67ms e23 b3

Hello, I recently got all my PC Parts: Motherboard: Msi h110m gaming CPU: Pentium G4560GPU: Gigabyte Gtx 1050 Ti OCRAM: Kingston Fury Hyper X 2x4GB 2133 Mhz PSU: Evga 600w1TB Ram So here is the problem: I knew i would have to update the mobo's bios so a friend of mine gave me his i3-6100 and i set up a quick test bench and got the parts together and i turned the pc on.It loaded, i got into the bios menu and put a usb flash drive with the update in it but when i choose the flash in order to select the update but it said that the file wasn't found and was supposed to be in the root folder (i can't recall the exact message) but i had clearly put the file in there (i tried unzipping it before use - same, tried different version - same again and there wasn't anything else in the flash drive..) So yeah, it might be an obvious mistake but it's my first pc build and yea.. S i also read the manual it just said to do the thing that i, well, did..ACTIVE MEDIA PRODUCTS PRESS RELEASE Fremont, California - February 7, 2011- Active Media Products, a leading manufacturer of SSDs, DOMs and USB drives, today announced the new FLIP pivot USB 2.0 flash drive, an ultra-slim pivot style drive."The FLIP drive is designed in fire orange and white racing colors, giving it a unique look, and the drive is extremely small and ultra-slim, making it a highly portable storage device," stated Active Media Products VP of Sales, Jerry Thomson. Creating custom PCBs by drilling exact holes at specific points is very easy, therefore by being able to easily install different PCBs and ad Just their height compared to the top of the copper core we gained the ability to emulate any CPU core precisely and install any cooler despite its design, size, shape, weight and / or retention mechanism.2 The Preboot e Xecution Environment(PXE) is an environment to boot computers using a network interface to install OS.The UEFI PXE boot ready allows users to create over 2.2TB primary partition to install operating systems.MSI Z68 (G3) / *H61(G3) mainboards were designed to support 2nd Generation Intel 32nm.With a simple BIOS update, next-gen Intel 22nm processors can also be fully supported.

I bought this MSI H61M-E23 (B3) combo from Newegg with i3 2100 Sandy Bridge processor to build HTPC.The list of MSI models filtered by the "Motherboard" category.Browse the list to find drivers for your MSI Motherboard model.Make sure that the model name you've selected is exactly the same as mentioned on your MSI Motherboard device or in the payment bill.If you are sure that the model in the table is the same as yours then you can click "Download" to go directly to the driver download page.

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