Updating paneling

Lightly sand the surface or use a chemical de-glosser to give the paint a roughened surface to grip.For laminate paneling, use primer and paint designed especially for laminate. You can mix oil paint (I use dark umber) and mix it with linseed oil to get the wash mixture. “I usually paint it off white and do a very light darker wash over it.

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You can transform the look of paneling in several different ways.Fill grooves with caulk or wood putty to create a smooth surface, or leave them unfilled for a textured wall.A smooth wall fits well with sleek, modern decor, while leaving the grooves visible works well for shabby chic or French country styles.Do you have some wood paneling that is SCREAMING to be updated? There is a light at the end of the paneling tunnel. Here are tips and inspiration to help you get that paneling looking snazzy and on trend once again.

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